MADSCIENCE STUDIO is an independent record label & publishing house dedicated to bringing unique, unconventional, & underrepresented art to life, notably from a scene of DIY creators based in the Appalachian mountain region. Currently we publish and produce zines, short books, CDs & cassettes, prints, stickers, & assorted SWAG. Each month we publish an in-depth interview between founder Floyd Strange and an innovative new voice on the rise. In 2020, we will be launching a quarterly collective magazine featuring work from our team and from new, young creators eager for experience, as well as publishing web comics & print comics, & taking steps to establish a physical location in East TN.

We are actively looking for prose/short story writers, comics creators, essayists, photographers, illustrators, & poets of all styles and backgrounds to join our team and to be featured in the upcoming magazine - a visual digest of art, travel writing, local events, prose/poetry, & more.

If you are interested in joining MADSCIENCE, drop us a line at info@madsciencestudio.com with a short introduction of yourself and your work, as well as any writing samples or links to portfolios, CV, music, etc.

To find out what’s happening and learn about new releases, join our monthly newsletter via the link below.